3.5% down on FHA Rehab Loans

Have you ever wanted to buy a fixer upper?  Did you know FHA offers a few different types of rehabilitation loans?  The Streamline FHA is one of the most common loans available.  This allows you to add an additional $35,000 to your base mortgage to improve or upgrade your home prior to moving in. TheContinue reading “3.5% down on FHA Rehab Loans”

Apply for a Mortgage with Bill Nickerson

Hi, My name is Bill Nickerson and I am a Senior Loan Officer with PHH Home Loans. A company that started back in 1946.  I have been providing residential mortgages since 1991. One of the steps in preparing yourself for home ownership is to obtain an approval from your lender or bank.  This process involves fillingContinue reading “Apply for a Mortgage with Bill Nickerson”