Mortgage Document Checklist

Mortgage documents….not sure what that means?  Not sure what’s being asked of you to provide for your loan application?  The list of documents necessary to process your Doc-Checklist-Paid-Forapplication is relatively short but it contains specific items that are needed.  And in some cases, you are given very specific directions like provide all pages…including the blank ones.  Which may lead you to wonder….why do I have to include the blank pages?  When we look at a bank statement, it may say page of 1 of 10, we are now looking for 10 pages, we have no idea which ones are blank, therefore we need to see all 10 pages.

So, follow the steps/directions on the document checklist carefully and you will have a smoother and faster process.

Mortgage Document Checklist

For any questions you may have, feel free to call  me anytime.  Phone: 978-273-3227


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